After a respite of 18 months, from the cut & thrust of the Fashion Trade,    Robert Gastman (formerly M.GASTMAN & SON LTD)has re-entered the trade, with renewed vigour and energy, under the name of



Having realised the need for a radical change in the way in which the trimmings sector conducts its business, and the ever increasing pressure for cheaper prices , quicker deliveries and an all round better service there was only one way to progress. The Internet. With overheads slashed to a bare minimum, and the knowledge, experience and contacts gained over many years in the industry, G-Trimmings is positioned to provide you with a service second-to-none.

Our Sourcing Service caters for every type of trimming and offers a speedy and cost effective way  to find the trimming you are looking for. Click here for more details on our Sourcing Service.

Allover Laces ~ Braids ~ Motifs ~ Sequin Trims ~ Beaded Trims ~ Diamante Trims ~ Lace Trims ~ Embroidered Trims ~ Ribbons ~ Attachments ~ Accessories ~ Cords ~ Tassels ~ Belts ~ Elastics